Time sync during OS Deployment

After Microsoft Surface arrived in our production environment we have been challenged by time sync issues during OS deployment. The Surface devices were so much off in date and time that they were rejected by the management point resulting in a failed Task Sequence.

Instead of powering up the Surface and adjusting the time manually i wanted to automate this during deployment. I found out that Niall Brady have made a timesync script that can sync the time on the client with a server using NET TIME.

Adding this script to the prestart command on the Boot image will then sync the time with the server specified prior to running the task sequence and voila – problem solved.


Extract Drivers

This script will extract all drivers from a computer and copy them to a folder structure organized by type. It is language dependent and currently works for Danish and English Operating System language.


Run Hardware or Software Inventory

This function can be used to trigger a Hardware or Software inventory.

To trigger Hardware inventory call the function using:


To trigger Software inventory call the function using:



Uninstall MSI if Installed for the Current User

This function takes an MSI product code as input and uninstalls the software if its installed for the current user (ProductState =5)


Prompt to set OSDComputerName

I use this script to set the computer name on virtual computers during task sequence.

The computer naming script in the task sequence is using the serial number which for virtual computers is too long and will cause the task sequence to fail. Therefore its needed to somehow change the computer name. I have placed this script on a network share which i map after the computer have been given the long and faulty serial-number name. The script will prompt for a new computer name which will then overwrite the OSDComputerName task sequence variable.

Windows Time Zone

I made a script to update the Windows Time Zone. In my example i want to use the Romance Standard time which is easily done by specifying this as an argument to the function SetTimeZone

SetTimeZone("Romance Standard Time")